Great Island, Wellfleet, MA

Needs Analysis & Design Plan

Kaiser Permanent Contact Center Training Redesign (.doc)

The Human Resources Service Center at Kaiser Permanente is a busy call center answering a large volume of benefits-related questions. The target audience needed to learn how to to quickly find answers, but existing training was "information overload" that attempted to teach everything through presentation. The proposed solution uses scenario-based experiential training to give learners hands-on practice in real-world problem-solving.

Rapid Development

Writing Instructional Objectives (.ppt)

I wrote and presented this 15-minute introduction on writing sound instructional objectives for a job interview. Materials included a corresponding class handout (.doc).

Instructor-Led Training

Please contact me directly for samples of classroom-based training.

Case Study

Training K-12 Teachers to Incorporate Assistive Technology Software (.doc)

An instructor-led, task-oriented workshop teaching software skills. This report documents the systematic instructional design process and analyzes a perceived training need – helping teachers utilize software to enhance student literacy. The report includes Background Information, Design Rationale, Prototype Design and Development, Usability Review, Summary/Conclusions and References.

The following components were designed to work together synergistically during the hands-on, "train-the-trainer"workshop.

Lesson Plan (.doc)

Detailed, step-by-step explanatory text and graphics to accompany verbally-delivered information. Allows content to be freely referenced during the workshop and minimizes the need for note-taking. May also serve as stand-alone instruction.

PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt)

Designed for screen projection, this graphical "slide show" provides engaging, multi-sensory reinforcement. Informational content overlaps with the Lesson Plan and the instructor's verbal delivery without being redundant. Includes screenshots in the event that Internet access is unavailable.

Workshop Worksheet (.doc)

Pen-and-paper activities completed at periodic intervals during the workshop. Assesses knowledge transfer (Kirkpatrick Level 2), encourages active participation, and reinforces key points.